The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, are officially open, and the spotlight has shifted from the half-baked hotel rooms and nightmarish dual toilets to athletes’ outfits during the opening ceremony earlier Friday.

Yet the games will also be remembered for being among the greenest in the history of the international competition. They make plenty of use of the sun Sochi gets — the balmy resort city by the Black Sea is one of the southernmost winter olympics games host, although the 1998 Nagano games were the closest to the Equator. The northernmost games? the 1994 Lillehammer, Norway, games. That town gets around eight hours of sunlight this time of the year.

Sure, Russia set a goal of being carbon-neutral for the Olympics, and it’s looking like that won’t be happening. Then there’s this AP article about the ‘dark side’ of the Olympian construction effort, which involves water contamination and deforestation.

Clean-energy […]